News and Updates

Valentine's Day - Date 02/14/2020

What makes today special? We’re reminded that our loved ones deserve a little extra care, whether friends, family, or significant other!

Lake Los Carneros Park - Date 02/10/2020

Jog your way to an energizing week at Lake Los Carneros Park and let the beautiful views keep you company. It’s across the street from your Willow Springs home!

Short-term leases - Date 02/07/2020

Been wanting to wake up in a comfy nest like this but you don’t have long-term plans in Goleta? Reach out to our office today—we offer short-term leases!

Sweater Day - Date 02/04/2020

Sweaters are to winter what flip-flops are to summer, and today you have the perfect occasion to show off your coziest piece. Make sure to celebrate Sweater Day by donning your favorite knitted garment!

Hot Chocolate Day - Date 01/31/2020

Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day with an afternoon pick me up. Are you a classic hot chocolate with marshmallow fan or do you go all out?

Walk In Closet Space - Date 01/29/2020

Most apartments require you to find creative ways to store your wardrobe and accessories when they aren’t in use. You won’t need to here!

Santa Barbara Zoo - Date 01/22/2020

This weekend is the Snow Leopard Festival at the Santa Barbara Zoo. If you can’t attend, we still highly recommend visiting this wonderful zoo for animal lovers of all ages!

Trail Running on the Central Coast - Date 01/20/2020

Winter on the Central Coast is still a pleasure for exercise. Take advantage of our fitness circuit and natural surroundings on an early morning run or seek out a nearby trail in the Santa Ynez mountains.

Cat Friendly Home - Date 01/16/2020

The Willow Springs staff is here to serve you with whatever your needs are, including welcoming your furry “purry” friend home!

Close to Shopping - Date 01/14/2020

Being 5 minutes from Camino Real Marketplace, Storke Plaza, and Hollister Village means our residents never have to go far for great entertainment, delicious food, and all the necessities they need.