News and Updates

Santa Barbara Zoo - Date 01/22/2020

This weekend is the Snow Leopard Festival at the Santa Barbara Zoo. If you can’t attend, we still highly recommend visiting this wonderful zoo for animal lovers of all ages!

Trail Running on the Central Coast - Date 01/20/2020

Winter on the Central Coast is still a pleasure for exercise. Take advantage of our fitness circuit and natural surroundings on an early morning run or seek out a nearby trail in the Santa Ynez mountains.

Cat Friendly Home - Date 01/16/2020

The Willow Springs staff is here to serve you with whatever your needs are, including welcoming your furry “purry” friend home!

Close to Shopping - Date 01/14/2020

Being 5 minutes from Camino Real Marketplace, Storke Plaza, and Hollister Village means our residents never have to go far for great entertainment, delicious food, and all the necessities they need.

Clubhouse with Friends - Date 01/10/2020

Gather with friends and family in our clubhouse to relax by the fire, sip your favorite evening drink, and take in the joy of their company.

Herb Garden on Your Patio - Date 01/07/2020

A great way to save money, connect with nature, and add to a healthy environment is to grow herbs on your patio or balcony. Santa Barbara has great weather for it too!

Come for a Tour - Date 01/02/2020

Is one of your 2020 resolutions to get out of that old apartment and find one that truly serves your needs? We invite you to come by for a tour to see this great Goleta community!

Happy New Year - Date 12/31/2019

It’s the final countdown and our Willow Springs team couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming year. May 2020 be the best one so far for all of you, filled with happiness, adventures, and prosperity!

New Year Resolutions - Date 12/27/2019

Make a list to make a change—be it New Year’s resolutions or just small everyday goals, getting your ideas into writing can prove highly motivating. What would you like to achieve next year?

Holiday Season - Date 12/24/2019

There are so many meaningful ways to celebrate this HolidaySeason but few things compare to spending it in the company of those you care about the most. We would like to wish everyone in our Willow Springs family fulfilling and joyful holidays!