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Social Updates

Happy Earth Day!

Posted On: 04/22/2022

Our common Mother has nurtured billions of people over time, so now it’s our turn to care for her. Join the joint eff...

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Floor Plan Assistant

Posted On: 04/19/2022

There’s an ideal match for everyone, and our Floor Plan Assistant can unite you with yours.

Bedroom style

Posted On: 04/15/2022

What’s your bedroom style—do you prefer simple décor or fancy items?

California beaches

Posted On: 04/12/2022

Whether you jog, stroll, have a picnic, or just take a breather, the beautiful beaches along the California coastline of...

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La Paloma Café

Posted On: 04/07/2022

Do you need to run some errands in Downtown Santa Barbara? Make sure to set aside some time for a delicious lunch, as we...

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Cox Internet

Posted On: 04/04/2022

Surf the internet anywhere on the Willow Springs premises!

BBQ time

Posted On: 03/31/2022

Don’t wait for the weekend to arrive to have a bit of fun. Sizzle up the barbecue, put on your favorite tunes, and show ...

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What does home mean to you?

Posted On: 03/28/2022

Home is… - Where your heart is - Where the Wi-Fi connects automatically - Willow Springs

Earth Hour

Posted On: 03/25/2022

The more time we dedicate to our planet, the bigger the difference. Especially when people around the world join efforts...

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Apartment amenities

Posted On: 03/22/2022

Our comfort-focused amenities turn a simple dwelling into a true home. Discover them all!