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Ride your bike

Posted On: 07/08/2021

One of our favorite things about this location is how easy it is to run errands by bike. Hop on your trusted two-wheeler...

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Plastic-Free July

Posted On: 07/06/2021

#BeTheChange—it’s Plastic-Free July!

Independence Day Weekend

Posted On: 07/02/2021

“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.”—Pericles. Defend it, honor it, cele...

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Workout style

Posted On: 06/28/2021

What’s your workout style? a. Cardio all the way, I don’t like having weight on my shoulders b. Pumping iron, I’m rea...

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Shopping spree

Posted On: 06/24/2021

- What’s the closest destination for a shopping spree? - Camino Real Shopping Center and Storke Plaza are both 5 min...

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International Picnic Day

Posted On: 06/18/2021

Our new favorite 3 words: International Picnic Day! Grab a blanket, fill your basket, and head to our very own BBQ a...

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Dog baths

Posted On: 06/14/2021

Baths = absolutely forbidden Baths disguised as summer splashes = now we’re talking!

Santa Barbara Shores Park

Posted On: 06/10/2021

What’s better than a regular park? One that’s located right on a beautiful sandy beach, of course! Have you visited ...

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World Oceans Day

Posted On: 06/08/2021

Oceans, in all their beauty, are also the lungs of our planet, so it’s only natural that we protect them to protect ours...

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Floor Plan Assistant

Posted On: 06/03/2021

Whether you’re looking for a cozy one-bedroom for a short period or a spacious three-bedroom home to settle into for lon...

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