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Social Updates

Month of Giving

Posted On: 12/03/2021

The possibility to help others is like a superpower. Do you have some clothes you no longer use? Maybe extra food y...

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2-bedroom homes

Posted On: 11/30/2021

It’s time to unlock the full potential of our two-bedroom homes. Versatile layouts, sprawling rooms, and all the ame...

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Posted On: 11/25/2021

Today we can give thanks for everything we have—and what else would we be grateful for if not our amazing residents? ...

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Shopping spree

Posted On: 11/22/2021

Are there some ingredients missing for the perfect Thanksgiving meal? Or maybe you’re already starting your holiday gift...

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National hiking day

Posted On: 11/17/2021

Visiting museums or reading history books is not the only way to learn about the past—not when everything around you has...

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Heroes recycle

Posted On: 11/15/2021

Q: How do you recognize heroes? A: Easy—they recycle!

Veteran's Day

Posted On: 11/11/2021

To our soldiers who sacrificed everything—we can’t thank you enough! #veteransday


Posted On: 11/08/2021

Is it a fortress? An international space station? Or maybe just a grocery store? This playground can turn into anyth...

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Daylight saving time

Posted On: 11/05/2021

Whether you choose to sleep in, stay in bed for a lazy morning, or enjoy an extra hour of productivity, this Sunday you ...

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Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Posted On: 11/02/2021

#AdoptASeniorPet …because it’s never too late to get a second chance.